Why a Successful Entrepreneur Will Always Encounter “Haters”

You’ve most likely heard the term, “haters.” In other words, those who are successful in business often times encounter people who are not so happy for them and some that seem to be downright negative about the notion that you are becoming a successful entrepreneur. Why isn’t everyone happy for you when you succeed? Shouldn’t they be? After all, these are your family and friends. Well, allow me to take a minute and explain the reasons why a successful entrepreneur will always be faced with those who don’t fully support them.

Why a Successful Entrepreneur Will Always Encounter “Haters”

You just found out that you got the huge new deal which now puts you easily into the six figure range annually and growing fast. It was the biggest deal of your life and will have a huge impact on your life and your families. You are so excited that you want to shout it out to the world, but posting a status update on Facebook and text messaging some friends and family will have to due for now. Before you post you notice a pretty girl who just posted about how she loves to cook and just made the best chicken ever. You both have around the same amount of Facebook friends and you notice she got 53 likes on this status!  Anyway, you proceed to post about the biggest deal of your life that is going to completely transform everything for you and your family. You write “just struck a big deal that is going to completely change my financial future and I am so excited!” A day passes, which is a lifetime in Facebook time, and you receive 5 total likes. You also didn’t get a response from a few people you texted and the ones you did get besides your mother and brother simply offered up a generic congratulations along the lines of, that’s great to hear, good job!  In other words, zero sincerity behind what they wrote. You can’t figure it out. You know for a fact that several of your closest “friends” were on Facebook that day and saw your post, but yet skipped over yours as just another post. This may seem pretty weird that a Facebook status can really mean that much but with the world we now live in, it does! Anyway, you are disappointed that more people aren’t happy for you during this exciting time in your life. You can’t figure out why they wouldn’t be. Well, allow me to explain why they aren’t as happy for you as you might think.

It’s too bad that this is the main reason but facts are facts and the fact is that many people, even those closest to you, are jealous of what you are accomplishing. Yes, I said jealousy is the main reason. Think about it…. You just landed a huge deal that basically cemented financial support for you and your family while your friend Steve is still working at Best Buy desperately trying to land a position at a big company.

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Your friend Sarah as a single mom is working her new corporate job but is on the low end of the totem pole and is still forced to work weekends as a waitress to help support her kids. The bottom line is that a countless number of people don’t have that financial success that you are experiencing and are therefore jealous that you do have it. They may not even be happy with their own lives. Even those closest to you.

The power of jealousy is strong and often times it can even overcome most anything. It’s sad, but it’s true. It’s not even a bad thing, it’s just life and a natural reaction of many people. How are you going to respond to it? With that said and the way our economy is split between the 1% and everybody else, the chances of all your friends and family also experiencing the success you are is frankly not mathematically possible. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs should plan on facing jealous people for the remainder of their entrepreneurial careers because it is inevitable that the “haters” of the world are not going anywhere.

On top of all that, you still of course have those who are just downright negative. Those who will find fault with anything. These people do roam the earth and it’s best to stay as far away from them as you can because make no mistake, that negativity will most definitely rub off on you to some degree. Avoiding them is the best course of action even if it means cutting them out completely. I know this may be tough if it’s a family member or close friend so in that situation, just do your best to manage the relationship in a way you aren’t spending too much time with said negative person.

Believe it or not there are actually people out there that will be genuinely happy for you! They may be few and far between, but some people, regardless of their own situation, will truly feel good about your successes and wish for you to continue experiencing more of it. These are the positive people that I surround myself with. This is also a person that I consider myself to be. I absolutely love to hear about people becoming successful and also helping them to succeed is even more gratifying. If only we all had that same attitude of helping others I think we can all agree that the world would be a better place. Okay, now back to reality. It’s not happening. Instead you are best to just keep being yourself and avoid those certain people. Also, don’t take it to heart when people aren’t happy for you!  It’s okay, it’s just human nature and taking it personally is only a detriment to yourself and what you are achieving in life. Continue to strive for your goals and helping others is most definitely your best option.

What can I say?  Haters are here to stay and as a successful entrepreneur you are most definitely always going to encounter them. Again, steer clear, don’t take it personally, and keep doing your thing and growing your business. If you’re able to do this then you have no reason to be worried about how many Facebook likes you got on the status that will change yours and your family’s future. In other words, as a newer saying pertaining to this situation goes, haters are going to be haters. Allowing them to have a negative impact on your own life is your decision. Choose wisely.

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