The “Hybrid” Right Brain Entrepreneur Is More Prominent Than Ever

Have you ever learned about the different characteristics that accompany a person that is said to be right-brained or left-brained? Some experts in the medical field have said this is true and people generally fall on one side or the other, while others have debunked this brain split as false. Regardless, let’s dive in based on what we know. Up until the last five years what we would describe as left-brained entrepreneurs has been more common. However, with technology changing practically everything we do on a daily basis and a few other reasons we will discuss, right-brain entrepreneurs are beginning to emerge more often than in the past. These new-age right-brained entrepreneurs also seem to carry with them a bit of left-brained tendencies too. This is why I deemed these particular entrepreneurs, the “hybrid-brained entrepreneur.”

The “Hybrid” Right Brain Entrepreneur Is More Prominent Than Ever

Control, logic, statistical data, practical. All these are traits to describe what is known as a left-brained entrepreneur. These business minds love facts and data. They are generally very decisive and usually enjoy numbers. The left-brained entrepreneur has thrived for the last century. They break down how a business is to operate and they execute it. The late Steve Jobs was a great example of a very successful left-brained entrepreneur. He openly admitted that he wasn’t the most creative person, but he used his logic and business savvy to surround himself with some of the most creative people on the planet. It’s for this reason Apple was extremely successful under his leadership.

The right-brained entrepreneur is a lot easier to describe. That is because they can probably be described in one word, creative. However, you could also describe them with words such as artsy and empathy. Unlike the analysis that comes along with a left-brainer, with the right-brained entrepreneur you’ll get synthesis. The right-brained business mind is becoming more popular for a number of reasons that include an abundance of consumer goods and automation of routine work. The right-brained entrepreneur is certainly beginning to make their mark in the world of business.

Why is this shift happening? Well, first let’s look at technology. With advertising being such an important component of business success and in today’s age we are constantly being bombarded with ads shoved in our face every which way, standing out and being creative with your approach to garnering sales have become more important than ever before. The world of business is extremely competitive and that means you must find creative ways to stay ahead of your competition. It is for that reason that right-brained entrepreneurs are popping up in all different industries more often than in the past. Rational, analytic, SAT-like, that’s what you’ll get from a left-brainer and while these entrepreneurs are still necessary for the business, the tides are turning a bit towards right-brained business minds as we begin to see an economic evolution in the abilities needed for success.

Creating products and services that have the consumer in mind is at the forefront in today’s world. Using Apple as an example yet again, without a doubt they are always designing their products with a customer-first attitude. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons they have found major success and have millions of brand-loyal followers. These people feel as if Apple is catering directly to them and return the favor by making the conscious effort to purchase Apple products when the opportunity presents itself (and sometimes even when it doesn’t). Also, telling a good story about your company or brand is critical because, well, nobody likes a boring story. In the world we live in with the deep levels of competition, you better make people like you and your business. In other words, you better make them laugh, smile, and enjoy what your business has to say. How do you get them to like you so much? Telling them a creative story that hits all the right buttons to make them fall in love with your business. Sound crazy? I assure you that it’s not. It’s well documented that top salespeople test very well in terms of empathy which points directly to right-brain entrepreneurs.

Left Brain Entrepreneur or Right Brain Entrepreneur

I’m a left-brained entrepreneur. I’m not that creative (although I’m not terrible) but I certainly enjoy numbers. I try to make smart decisions and take a controlled approach. So how have I been able to find success considering I just got done saying how important characteristics of a right-brainer are to the business of today’s age? I find help. Like Jobs, I understand that I can’t do it all alone. I understand that you can’t be good at everything, so in order to be successful, it’s necessary to surround myself with other entrepreneurs in my areas of weakness. I have business partners that are extremely creative. For example, I own a stake in a clothing line and there is absolutely no chance that I will ever be designing one of our shirts. It’s not happening. But that’s okay! Why? Because one of my two business partners is extremely creative and is most definitely a right-brained entrepreneur! Our characteristics combine for a powerful team. With all that said, however, I do feel I have enough of a creativity ability to establish a vision when needed and I also feel there are many right-brained entrepreneurs that have some tenancies that cross over to the left too. This is why the “hybrid-brained entrepreneurs” are probably the most popular of today when it’s all said and done. In this fast-paced quick decision-making world, being a jack of all trades has become more necessary for business success.

Regardless of where you fall in this whole “brainy” scenario, I think the most important thing you can take from this article is that you need to find people to help you in areas you may struggle. Recognize and accept the fact that you aren’t good at everything and you never will be. Yes, you can improve in those areas, but there will always be someone better than you in those areas of weakness. The right-brained entrepreneur has made a statement that creative people can build a business too. So I guess that means no matter what type of brain you possess, with enough hard work, dedication, and smart entrepreneurial decisions, any of us can become successful in this ever-evolving competitive business world we live in.

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