The 10 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is an incredible platform. It is very unique when compared to all other social media outlets, however, it is quickly becoming one of the most powerful platforms for people to get news and information. In addition, spend some time surfing your way around Twitter and you will quickly see it’s probably the best possible way to instantly get connected with the top people of a particular niche. Well, here at Perfect Business, our niche is business and entrepreneurs, so here are the 10 best entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter as we roll in 2014!

10 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow

The 10 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter

1) Mark Cuban | @mcuban – I decided to kick this list off with a bang! Mark Cuban, is a serial entrepreneur, and star of ABC’s hit television show, Shark Tank. I’ve watched some YouTube videos by mark and read some of his material, the man is an entrepreneurial genius and a must-follow for all of us entrepreneurs!

2) Mark Suster | @msuster  – With a lifetime of business experience, it’s safe to say that Mark Suster has been there and done that. He certainly knows what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and he uses his Twitter account to spread his knowledge!

3) Gary Vaynerchuck | @garyvee – Looking for someone to provide information on cutting-edge internet platforms, Gary V is your man. He is a social media guru and has been extremely successful in the world of business. He also regularly responds to those who tweet him, which isn’t as common as you’d think.

4) Richard Branson | @richardbranson – You’ve probably heard the name if you are in business, but have you checked out his Twitter account? Branson certainly makes it a point to try and provide information that can be valuable to fellow entrepreneurs, which makes a great reason to follow him

5) Steve Blank | @sgblank – Blank basically makes himself into a personal mentor through his Twitter account. Answering entrepreneurial questions, offering valuable advice, and making suggestions for business, Blank is someone you can learn a lot from by following him on Twitter.

6) Robert Kiyosaki | @therealkiyosaki – Not only does Kiyosaki provide some very motivational content, but he is also extremely smart as an entrepreneur! You will find Kiyosaki constantly tweeting out tidbits of information we can all use for our own business ventures.

7) Cindy Ratzla | @brandyou – Need advice on brand marketing? Ratzlaff’s Twitter feed will deliver it! Follow her for quick marketing tips that can most definitely impact your own personal strategies and get the marketing perspective of a woman entrepreneur.

8) Joel Brown | @iamjoelbrown – The ultimate account to follow if you’re looking for some daily inspiration. As the founder of a world-famous website about achieving success (, I strongly recommend as an entrepreneur that you follow Joel Brown to make sure you’re always getting that extra dose of motivation.

9) Tim Ferriss | @tferriss – Looking to be more productive? Tim Ferriss is your man! Author of numerous best-selling books, follow Ferriss and you’ll quickly discover that he can help you be more efficient as an entrepreneur in a number of areas.

10) Tony Hsieh | @zappos – With almost three million followers, following Hsieh on Twitter is going to instantly offer you value as an entrepreneur. This guy gets it and he is willing to pass on as much knowledge as he can to fellow entrepreneurs. All through is a Twitter account, of course.

Having a Twitter account and following some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world can bring value to an entrepreneur that can be achieved nowhere else. After all, as an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to continue growing and learning, so soaking up information from the best of the best can certainly help your cause!

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