Successful Entrepreneurs Might Make You Run For Your Life!

Being a successful entrepreneur is something only available for the strongest of people and no I’m not talking about the bench press. Being a successful entrepreneur is something only available to those who have an absolute burning desire to make their lives special. A successful entrepreneur is something only people who truly want to achieve greatness should aspire to be.

Successful Entrepreneurs Might Make You Run For Your Life!

What do I mean, a successful entrepreneur will make you run for your life?  Well, what I mean is that when you begin to truly see what goes on in the life of a successful entrepreneur you may just start running for the hills and never look back.  80 hour weekdays? Missing Christmas with the family for a business trip to London? Skipping breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  These occurrences are common in the life of a successful entrepreneur. It bothers me a lot how so many people want the “life” but how few people actually are willing to put in the work. You can’t become wealthy by accident. None of us are winning the lottery and you can take that to the bank. The extremely wealthy portion of the population shed blood, sweat, and tears in order to achieve business greatness (yes, there are exceptions of people inheriting a business or something along those lines, but you get the point). It’s sad how many people assume that these particular wealthy entrepreneurs “got lucky.”  Well, if luck involves pulling all-nighters and giving up entertainment to grow their business then yes, they most definitely got lucky!

Are you ready to run away? If you’re not willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, you should. Don’t waste your time. Why go halfway into any business venture? It never works!  Make a commitment with yourself that success is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Success is your destiny and you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Successful entrepreneurs have tunnel vision. They have their eye on the prize. They block out all the distractions and remained focused on their goals. They don’t play video games and don’t watch every episode of the Jersey Shore religiously. They realize that people who are extremely wealthy and successful in business worked extremely hard to get there because that is the ONLY way! For people who make the claims of “not having enough time,” or whatever excuse it is they are using on that particular day, they should just run away to comfort land. Tell them they should run away to normalcy and leave us crazy motivated entrepreneurs to do our thing. They obviously aren’t cut out for the life of an entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs are scary people. What kind of person in their right mind would stay up 24 hours straight to make sure they fulfill all the orders by the deadline that was promised to customers? “Don’t you need to get some sleep?” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead, these orders need to get out.” What type of human would not take even 15 minutes to grab a quick bite to eat because it’s been several hours since the last time they ate? I’ll tell you who, successful entrepreneurs. They aren’t normal. They are a very rare bread. They choose success over instant gratification every single time. They would much rather reach the top of the mountain in five years instead of reaching the top of the rock next week.

Successful Entrepreneurs Might Make You Run

For those of you thinking I am way off base in describing what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, take a good hard look at your bank account. Then take a look at the bank account of the entrepreneur who works seven days a week and has a company that is seemingly doing everything right to achieve impressive growth. Even better, sit down with some of the most successful entrepreneurs you know, even if just for a few minutes. Ask them how hard they work and what kind of great lengths they have gone to in order to become a successful entrepreneur. I speak the truth and so will they.

You can stay and play the game or you can run far far away, the choice is obviously yours. When I encounter a successful entrepreneur I try to bleed them for every last bit of information and knowledge they are willing to pass on. I know what they have been through and there is absolutely nothing I want more in my life than to experience those same battles. And like them, I want to win those battles. I want to overcome the most difficult of obstacles that will inevitably continue to get in my way as I fight with every ounce of being to become a successful entrepreneur. The only place I want to run is to the top of the success mountain even if that means getting beat up along the way. Successful entrepreneurs don’t make me run for my life, in fact, I want them to be my life.

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