Review of American Business 2013

It is hard to believe but we are already over halfway through 2013 and many people are wondering where the year has gone. As it pertains to business, there is still so much more to achieve this year. While checking the review of American business 2013, it is obvious that this area is continuing to improve slowly in some important aspects.

Some experts believe that the economy will continue to grow for the rest of the year and is not likely to go through another recession. Energy prices are steadying, housing is still improving and big companies abroad and at home are flush with funds for investment. On the negative side, recent increases in tax have hit the successful small businesses really hard to dampen growth and job creation. There is also the issue of other uncertainties on a domestic and global scale which could potentially drive down the confidence of investors and discourage the creation of jobs.

When one examines the big things which have happened in business this year, the international investment environment is still generally attractive and this will remain for the next five years. Of course, there are still difficulties such as the increasing protectionism, macroeconomic imbalances, and security risks which are not confined only to America as they pose threats globally.

The fundamental features of the business environment in America will stay attractive (high-quality infrastructure, deregulated job markets, management in technology). The changes in America cannot be exaggerated as they are relatively small when compared to the countries at the top of the global business environment.

The progress in the economy might be slow for further global trade liberalization, but the foreign exchange and trade regimes are freer than before. Although the corporate giants have bragged about bringing manufacturing operations to the US, this has been on a small scale to make any kind of difference. The US economy needs a lot more than a few hundred famous companies coming back to its shores to become a manufacturing hub once again.
There are indications that other countries are going to make vast improvements in business environments, whilst the overall quality of American conditions will remain to stagnate.
Right now, over twenty million Americans are not employed, are not looking for jobs, or are underemployed. With over forty million poor enough to live on food stamps, plus millions of college graduates in debt with no prospects to find promising job positions. The American business economy needs tremendous building to give hope to everyone, from the top to the bottom; we all need to see more success. There are additional resources available if you need more details and reports for the review of American Business 2013.
Either way, I will continue to support American businesses and especially small businesses in any way possible.  I truly can’t stand it when people tell me that they believe the American dream is dead.  That just isn’t true and it is certainly still possible to build a business from the ground up and live the life of your dreams.  How do I know?  I’ve done it. I know others who have done it. This is just a misconception that has spread throughout our society that just because government problems and financial problems haunt America, it does NOT mean you can’t become an entrepreneur and thrive in today’s world.  Stop listening to the masses and step up.
You CAN live the American dream, I guarantee it.

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