Rejection in Network Marketing and Why it Sucks

Those of us who have participated in network marketing, regardless of what company, have all felt the rigors that come with this business model. The worst one of all might be dealing with rejection because make no mistake, being in the network marketing industry will offer you plenty of experiences with rejection. And it may get easier to deal with but the experience itself never gets any less sucky. Bottom line is, rejection sucks.

Rejection in Network Marketing and Why it Sucks

You just signed up for a multi-level marketing company supplying electric and gas at a discount. You joined the company a month ago and saved $18 off your first bill already. Switching someone over to save money also involves very little work and can be done in approximately three minutes. To get promoted up a rank you need to switch over seven people to the service.  Again, keep in mind, that they will save money every single month.  You start counting people out… “Well, I got my mom, my sister, my cousin, my best friend, and his brother.”  You have at least fifteen “solid” people you know you can have switched over to get your business off the ground. These are the closest people in your life so it should be no trouble. You call the first one, your sister!  Your dear sister!  ”Hey sis, I need a quick favor. I need to please switch over your electric and gas to another company, you won’t even notice a difference but you’ll get it cheaper every month.  I joined this new company and I need seven customers to get promoted!” “YOU JOINED WHAT!??!?  YOU JOINED ONE OF THOSE SCAMS!?!?”  And heeeeeeere we go…..  Your sister basically tells you she would essentially jump off a cliff before she switched over her electricity to a different company that will save her money to support her brother’s new business. You just got rejected by your sister. You can’t figure it out.  In your head you can’t understand why she won’t do this for you. You could possibly even become resentful of her. You don’t even end up talking for a few weeks.  During his time you realize that this same thing has happened to tons of other people!  In other words, you can’t take it personally!  This doesn’t make it any less sucky, but you can take pride in the fact that it’s just part of the deal.

Some people, unfortunately, have a negative perception of network marketing, and others just flat out refuse to be open-minded towards anything. Even if it could actually help them and save them money? Doesn’t matter. Crazy, isn’t it?  I know, I feel your pain. I’ve dealt with it too.  The fact of the matter is network marketing is not an easy gig.  It’s not a stroll in the park. In fact, it’s a difficult stroll in a jungle. However, if you keep pushing ahead and survive the obstacles you’ll inevitably encounter, it can be EXTREMELY lucrative and set you and your family on a path to financial freedom that you only see in the movies. Where else besides owning a big-time company can you receive monthly residual income in the tens of thousands and in some cases, hundreds of thousands!  Did I mention you get to work from home?  So the payoff is great which is why you have to be willing to deal with the rejection that accompanies the business building.

Rejection in Network Marketing

Yes, it sucks to be rejected. You just have to have the mentality that it’s nothing personal and many other people are looking for the product you are offering. There are over six billion people in the world so finding someone else is definitely possible. If you have thick skin and can handle the rejection, you can build a lucrative business in network marketing. Your family and some of your closest friends may be negative about what you’re doing but you cannot let that have an impact on the goals you set for yourself. You made a commitment to build a successful business and you are going to see it out. You have dreams you want to achieve and this is the vehicle to get you there. If you let rejection and fear hold you back, you’ll be right back where you are right now.

It sucks to be rejected in network marketing, but it also sucks to be broke. Make your choice.

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