Nike Innovation and Sustainability Toward the Future

Nike is known for its great athlete sponsors and its household name we all recognize b,ut Nike is actually on the leading edge of the sustainability movement. Nike innovation is paramount and they are working on a philosophy of sustainability throughout the world.

Nike Looks to Innovation and Sustainability

Nike and Sustainability

Nike has been working on its Sustainable Business and Innovation and this has become a part of the company’s strategy. Nike wishes to help factory workers, communities, consumers, and the world as a whole. Nike is working to lessen the impact that its products have on the globe by reducing waste, energy, and water in the manufacture of its products for consumers.

Nike is looking to how it can recycle and reuse its products and use these recycled materials in other products in some way. The jerseys for the World Cup in 2010 for example, were all made from polyester plastic bottles that had been recycled. Nike believes that companies need to adopt recycling, composting, and reusing products so there’s as little waste as possible because it benefits the entire planet.

Innovation Nike is looking to be innovative in its approach to recycling products and then reusing them again. They have they “Reuse a Shoe” program where they take a shoe back and then recycle the materials used to make that shoe and then they put that material into other items like soccer fields or basketball courts. Nike is encouraging others to be innovative when it comes to recycling and reusing products. Nike plans to launch a program it calls Green XChange or GX where it will bring together people, companies, and ideas to create change that’s sustainable. Nike plans to put over 400 of its patents on the exchange so they can be researched and new innovations can be developed to address issues with sustainability. There will be other partners for this program as well.

Nike Innovation

Nike wants to create a world where people, the economy, the planet, and profit are in balance but we can’t do that if we keep using our resources without a care for the future. Nike hopes that businesses, researchers, academia, and individuals can use the GX exchange to help create technologies to meet the challenges of global sustainability.

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