How Video Conferencing Can Help Your Business

Are you drained?  Exhausted and tired. You need a break. Your business isn’t going the way you expected it to and you’re ready to quit. Sales are down, memberships are hard to come by. You have more product than you have water. Is it time to throw in the towel and call it a day? After all, things didn’t work out, it happens. Well, I don’t think you should quit just yet. I think you should reconsider and here is why.

Here Are Some Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up and Quit Your Business

You made a commitment to your business (or did you?). You knew it wasn’t going to be easy or if you did think it would be easy, that was your first mistake. I must ask you this question… Is the business not working or are YOU not working? Your business is not going to grow without an incredible amount of work and dedication. The numbers show that most businesses fail and while there are certainly other reasons besides work ethic that a business may fail, I would be willing to wager a guess that it’s the number one reason. Most people are naturally willing to settle into a comfort zone of reporting to work and collecting a paycheck if their business starts to falter. They can’t stick it out. They bail. Don’t be that person.

In order to become incredibly successful, it’s natural to get knocked down. It’s natural to fail. Is that any reason to completely quit and walk away from the world of business? Absolutely not! If you are already willing to quit after a brief bout with failure, sorry but you probably aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some entrepreneurs have been punched in the face so many times, that it’s surprising they haven’t turned into punching bags. It’s part of the game! Business is competitive and like in any sport, you can’t always win! You will lose! You might even lose 25 times in a row but that 26th time is made of pure gold. Too bad you quit after 25.

Being an entrepreneur is a very difficult career and that is because it is incredibly rewarding. Being your own boss? In most cases a very nice income? An opportunity to eventually have a residual income that never goes away regardless of how much you work that week or month or year or decade? That’s life. Don’t let anybody kid you, those are the reasons a person goes into business. Sure, they might and should love it too, but the rewards are bountiful and it’s no wonder so many people want to try and start a business. It’s too bad more didn’t have the work ethic to get it done.

Quit Your Business

Put aside for a minute talent levels. No matter what you’re talking about, you can always outwork the next person. You can always work harder than them. Maybe you aren’t quite as talented, but you put in the extra hours and eventually find yourself on top. You find success starting to come to you. You made the sacrifices, put in the hours, and are reaping the benefits. Don’t you want to feel that!  Isn’t that why you started a business in the first place!?  Why would you quit??  You probably have very strong aspirations and maybe it’s even your dream to be a successful entrepreneur and you are going to quit!?  I don’t understand it. No matter how bad it gets, don’t throw in the towel on your freakin’ dreams! Does that even make sense?

This article wasn’t necessary to give you specific reasons not to quit, it was more to point out the obvious.

Being an entrepreneur is awesome.    Failure is normal and work ethic is everything.    You’re actually considering giving up on your dreams?

If you’re struggling, regroup, make some changes, and then get back in the ring. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself then stop because every single entrepreneur gets knocked down but the difference ends up being… who gets back up?

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