Flying Blind Vs. Flying With a Vision of Business Goals

If you have aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur and you are flying blind, you are going to end up hitting a wall and that wall might be made of brick. If you are attempting to skate your way towards becoming successful in business without having a vision or business goals, you are setting yourself up for failure and ultimately could end up going completely off track. It’s pretty simple, those with a vision, a plan, and a course of action, are far more likely to achieve their business goals as opposed to those who are “flying blind.”

Flying Blind Vs. Flying With a Vision of Business Goals

What do I mean by flying blind? I mean that you have neglected to write down some goals for yourself and for your business. You haven’t bothered to take an hour to really establish what it is you are trying to achieve and have rather just been moving along with a hope that everything is going to fall into place. Newsflash… it’s not. If a boat has to get across the ocean and doesn’t bother to chart its course, don’t you think the captain is more likely to run into issues? Sure, he might make it eventually, but he is most definitely making it much more difficult for himself to get to his destination. Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.

Having a vision for what you want to accomplish and a plan as to how you are going to get there, then you can buckle down and just focus on implementing the path that you laid out for yourself. Vision could be defined as being able to see the whole trip before you leave the dock. To be able to understand that obstacles will come into play and have a course of action as to how to overcome them. If you think it’s going to be smooth sailing on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you will be sadly mistaken. Someone with a true vision can see further than everyone else.

Another thing about business goals, they allow you to think practical. While having dreams of becoming extremely wealthy are most definitely obtainable, you must take the best approach to get there. Once you start to plan out your journey, it makes it more real that things aren’t just going to happen. Instead, you realize that while a million dollars in sales is certainly possible, it probably isn’t going to happen this month. However, $100,000 might be and if you do that 12 more times, you hit your goal. This is of course if you made a commitment to the long-term success of your business and don’t expect overnight results.

Business Goals

Another thing about business goals, it’s the ultimate way to be prepared. Some of the most successful people in the world live and die by preparation. A professional sports coach will never go into a game without first studying his opponent. He would be fired the next day. Preparation allows you to see problems before they arise and you can then immediately put out the flame. If you’re flying blind you can run into problems you never planned for and it sets you back days or weeks trying to rectify the issue. Meanwhile, your competition continues moving ahead of you. The world of business can be cruel so don’t expect your competitors to stop and wait while you clean up the mess you made that you could have been prepared for had you bothered to jot down some business goals and a vision for your journey.

Take one hour this week to start working on your business goals and vision for your future. Is one hour to plan your future so much to ask? Stop flying blind and start flying with a vision that will get you to the destination you seek. Stop hoping everything is going to work out, it doesn’t happen like that in the business world. You need a plan, a vision, and you need to start implementing it. If you continue to neglect this critical part of being an entrepreneur then you are only hurting yourself.

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