Don’t Let Your Feelings Control Your Life As An Entrepreneur

We all have feelings every single day of our lives. We have good feelings and we have bad feelings. Sometimes we feel motivated and other times we feel like relaxing. Yes, we are all human. The problem for people and more specifically entrepreneurs is that letting your feelings control what you do is a recipe for disaster. The minute you stop being productive because you “don’t feel like it” is the minute your business grinds to a halt.

Don’t Let Your Feelings Control Your Life As An Entrepreneur

Throughout life we are going to feel things because we all have emotions. Our emotions are directly linked with our thinking and what’s in our mind! If you wake up one day and don’t feel so great, you can’t just pack it in and live out that day being unproductive and depressed. You can’t hit some bumps in the road and just immediately decide to give up on your business. You also can’t make the best decisions for your business if you make them all based on emotions. If you live your life allowing your feelings to control everything that you do, you’re sure to struggle in your march towards becoming successful with your life.

This is especially true as an entrepreneur. If you run your business based on how you feel about everything rather then what is logical, you are going to make some poor decisions that could set you back or even knock you out. You can’t just go around making decisions with how you feel if you expect to have any sort of success in your life as an entrepreneur. You must learn to have control over those feelings.

Depending on your feelings is trouble. They can definitely lead you down the wrong path and are just undependable. The thing is, feelings are constantly changing. Feelings are unpredictable. You might be in a great mood one day and lousy on another. Nobody knows for sure, not even you. There is nothing you can do about negative feelings, they’e inevitable!

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Controlling Your Feelings As An Entrepreneur

The trick is to learn how to control your feelings. Are you going to allow your feelings to rule over the decisions you make on behalf of yourself and your business? That is not how the most successful entrepreneurs run their lives. No, they run them based on decisions that are best for their business, not how they feel on a particular day. They take a disciplined approach to how they operate themselves. If they feel angry, it doesn’t mean they necessarily give in to that anger. They recognize that’s their emotions trying to control them. They don’t live on that level of always allowing their feelings to dictate everything they do.

If you constantly let your feelings control what you do then it’s going to cause you all kinds of trouble. Yes, it’s definitely easier to just give in to whatever your feelings are projecting on a given day. Yes, it’s a lot easier to sit at home in front of the TV instead of doing work. But if you want to achieve the highest levels of success in your life and as an entrepreneur, you must gain control over your feelings! Living a life of laziness and constantly making undisciplined feelings-based decision is going to keep us stuck in mediocrity.

If you want your business and your life to prosper, stop succumbing to your feelings at every turn.

It’s time to take control of your feelings and subsequently, your life.

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