Are You The Talking Entrepreneur Or The Walking Entrepreneur?

It happens a lot. It’s actually pretty common in my experiences. You come across someone who seems to have all the tools it takes to be successful. They are intelligent, motivated, and have a strong vision. They tell you all about all the big things they are going to do. They tell you they are pretty much going to be the next Steve Jobs. They seem as if they are going to explode out of a rocket ship straight into a highly successful life.

So what happens next?

Nothing. Literally, nothing happens. They keep talking and they keep telling you about everything they are going to do! Then they don’t actually do it. You see, having intentions of doing amazing things with your life and actually doing them are two completely different things. Having big goals and dreams as compared with going out and making them happen isn’t the same. Results and action can potentially mix together as smooth as peanut butter and jelly, but results and no action mix together like…. well, nothing. They don’t mix. Period. Results and no action hate each other…. and they always will.

Talking a big game will eventually catch up to you if you don’t start producing results that back it up. Starting a business is one thing, and I commend you if you took the step to do that, but I hope you realize the real work comes in actually doing the work of growing the business! The real work in writing the book that you’ve always talked about writing is not in deciding on the topic or the title of the book, it’s in writing the damn book!

Entrepreneur Action

I’ve noticed that society today is full of a lot of people who fail to put their money where their mouth is. More people than ever before are trying to step into the life of entrepreneurship, but more people than ever aren’t stepping up to do what it takes to be successful in the business world. Some may even have the absolute best of intentions, but without action, you are left without results. It’s not rocket science. And I don’t mean to be too harsh, but how do you expect to reach your goals if you don’t begin taking action to achieve them?

Take for example, toothpaste. Let’s say your business is selling toothpaste. You know everything about your toothpaste, from the exact percentage of teeth whitening it can exploit to exactly how it can make your mouth feel as fresh as the spring air. You know everything about the industry of toothpaste. Where it’s sold, how it’s sold, and who your competitors are. You are a great salesman. You have a great website. You have a solid audience on your social media pages. You are only lacking one thing…. you haven’t taken action to get your toothpaste out into the marketplace! You haven’t relentlessly called stores telling them about how amazing your toothpaste is. You haven’t done everything in your power to let the entire freakin’ internet know you have the most amazing toothpaste in the history of mankind! You’ve handed out a few samples, but not nearly enough. You’ve talked to a few people, but not nearly enough. Your business isn’t growing how you thought it would and now you wondering why?

Allow me the opportunity to inform you that… You haven’t taken enough action.

Results stem from ACTION, not from words.

How bad do you want it? If you actually want it as bad as you SAY you do…. start proving it with your actions. Enough talking. Enough telling the world all the things you are going to do. Just go out and do it. It’s time to shut your mouth and let your actions begin to do the talking.

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