5 Ways Small Business Can Use Cloud Computing

Businesses are using cloud computing in more ways than ever before. If your business is looking to get into cloud computing here are five ways that you can utilize this technology and help grow your business. There are great time and money-saving opportunities when using cloud computing.

5 Ways Small Business Can Use Cloud Computing

Start With a Plan

Having a plan is essential before you get into cloud computing.  Evaluate how your IT staff spends its budget and time and see how cloud computing can make their jobs easier. Some examples include

  • Management of Software – Check to see if your businesses face challenges to the management and support of applications. Cloud-based services can eliminate the need to do upgrades and patches on every device which saves you time.
  • Evaluate your Data Storage Needs – You might find that your storage needs are hitting your capacity and cloud computing can help raise these limitations placed on your data. You don’t have to spend money on new servers and data storage devices.

As your servers grow older you can move a great deal of your data over to cloud computing services. This frees up the amount of time you spend working with data and doing costly upgrades to your onsite storage. Evaluate your budget and your capacity and find a custom cloud computing solution. Each business is going to have unique cloud computing needs so use cloud computing in the best way, you need a plan first.


Let’s say, you’re expecting a large increase in the user load on your servers. You’ll need to think of upgrades and this costs time and money. With cloud computing, you don’t need any new hardware or software upgrades to meet the rising demand. Your costs are based on the consumption of the service so you can budget accordingly. This frees up time where you can concentrate on your business and not your hardware and software needs.

Cloud Computing

Easy Implementation

Since you don’t need to purchase bulky hardware for new software you can be up and running in a short period of time. Cloud computing saves you tons of downtime since you don’t have to wait for new servers, upgrades, and other holdups that keep you away from working. This can be done at a low cost with cloud computing.

Frees Up Internal Resources

You can free up the burden of your IT team to the outsourcer. Your IT team can then concentrate on other areas of your business such as critical tasks that need to get done. Your IT doesn’t need additional training to work on the systems as they did in the past. Cloud computing gives you more room to run your business and frees up members of your team to do other tasks. In other words, this business tip means you can save time and in the end money too.

Quality of Service

When your network goes down, you’re left scrambling for answers. With cloud computing, you get 24/7 support and great response time to troublesome situations. You can still suffer downtime but you’ll be up and running again quickly with cloud computing. When you don’t use cloud computing you’re often spending money trying to figure out the problem. Cloud computing gives you more reliability so you can get back to work in less time.

Location Doesn’t Matter

With cloud computing, you can use these services wherever you are. This is perfect for companies that travel all over the place. You can access the service when you need to and you don’t have to be at the office to do it. People in your business have freedom with cloud computing to use it when they need it.

Cloud computing is just another example of the technology world we live in.  However, it’s important that your business is innovative or you can bet your business is likely to get left behind in the dust by those willing to embrace technology.

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